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Building Guideline

The Strawbale Building Guideline summarises the experience and knowledge of straw-bale builders in Germany and has been formulated by experts and members of the German Straw Bale Building Association (Fachverband Strohballenbau Deutschland e. V.).

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Straw construction guideline 2014 for download.
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Its aim is to provide them with a clear, secure set of rules and regulations and thus to set a quality standard for building with straw.

The Strawbale Building Guideline does not currently have the status of a recognised rule of technology. It largely refers to constructions in which straw bales are used as infill, non-pressurised thermal insulation material.

Here, numerous practically proven straw-insulated constructions are named as proven and easily approvable. Other applications are also briefly mentioned. The straw building guideline was issued in 2014 and revised for the first time in 2019. The conversion of the general building approval for straw to a European Technical Assessment was updated, a small chapter on the sustainability of straw bale construction was added and minor textual corrections and improvements were made.